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CMYK - Abbreviation for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black), the four process colors.

Coated Paper - Paper with a coating of clay and other substances that improves reflectivity and ink holdout. Mills produce coated paper in the four major categories cast, gloss, dull and matte.

Color Gamut - The entire range of hues possible to reproduce using a specific device, such as a computer screen, or system, such as four-color process printing.

Color Shift - Change in image color resulting from changes in register, ink densities or dot gain during four-color process printing.

Crop Marks - Lines near the edges of an image indicating portions to be reproduced. Also called cut marks and tic marks.

Dots-per-inch - Measure of resolution of input devices such as scanners, display devices such as monitors, and output devices such as laser printers, imagesetters and monitors. Abbreviated DPI. Also called dot pitch.

Encapsulated PostScript file - Computer file containing both images and PostScript commands. Abbreviated EPS file.

Finish - (1) Surface characteristics of paper. (2) General term for trimming, folding, binding and all other post press operations.

Finished Size - Size of product after production is completed, as compared to flat size. Also called trimmed size.

Flat Size - Size of product after printing and trimming, but before folding, as compared to finished size.

Four-color Process Printing - Technique of printing that uses black, magenta, cyan and yellow to simulate full-color images. Also called color process printing, full color printing and process printing.

Gang Run - To reproduce two or more different printed products simultaneously on one sheet of paper during one press run. Also called combination run.

Gloss - Consider the light reflecting on various objects in the printing industry (e.g., paper, ink, laminates, UV coating, varnish).

Offset Printing - Printing technique that transfers ink from a plate to a blanket to paper instead of directly from plate to paper.

Pantone Matching System - (PMS) Color matching system used extensively in the graphic design and printing industries; Pantone colors are carefully graded so that exact colors can be matched throughout the design, reprographic and print process; Pantone produce a range of markers, colored papers and films, and printing inks, as well as software versions of their color system for use in graphics and DTP applications.

Recycled Paper - New paper made entirely or in part from old paper.

Resolution - Sharpness of an image on film, paper, computer screen, disc, tape or other medium.

RGB - Abbreviation for red, green, blue, the additive color primaries.

Score - To compress paper along a straight line so it folds more easily and accurately. Also called crease.

Soy-based Inks - Inks using vegetable oils instead of petroleum products as pigment vehicles, thus are easier on the environment.

Trim Size - The size of the printed material in its finished stage (e.g., the finished trim size is 5½ x 8½).

Uncoated Paper - Paper that has not been coated with clay. Also called offset paper.

UV Coating - Liquid applied to a printed sheet, then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light.